Green Energy could Destroy Russia’s GDP

External Affairs

The U.S Russia relationship has been a shaky one, especially with regards to foreign affairs. Russia has been in a sticky scenario with regards to how many missiles it can have, whether Ukraine is part of Russia, etc.

  • Policies regarding Armed Forces
  • Russia-Ukraine relationship

Internal Affairs

Furthermore, within Russia, religious discrimination, increased environmental pollution (through waste incineration), and silencing critics of the government have become widespread issues.

  • Religious Discrimination
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Lack of Free Speech

How the U.S can solve this

The U.S could just sit around and fiddle its thumbs while Putin implements these policies. However, this could lead to the rise of Russia as a global superpower and create a sphere of influence in the east, which isn’t something the U.S wants. Now, the U.S doesn’t have to use firepower or sacrifice citizens to solve this issue. In fact, the solution is quite simple and effective.

Encourage environmentally sustainable companies to transition the energy sector to completely be off fossil fuels for daily commute and common energy usage.

The U.S government could speed up this transition by implementing favorable laws supporting clean energy businesses through tax incentives. Capitalism will catch on, see the cheaper prices and transition quicker. Companies that come to mind are ones supporting the creation of electric vehicles, batteries to support the grid, and solar photovoltaic cells to capture energy.

Suppose these companies then expanded worldwide and sought to implement these clean solutions to emerging markets, such as Africa, Latin America, and India. Then these countries could generate renewable energy without having to rely on industrializing with fossil fuel. Furthermore, the U.S is extending it’s reach through companies and their services, establishing the U.S as a services and manufacturing powerhouse.

With Russia supplying ~11% of the World’s Oil per year, it will take a major hit. If it decides to offload most of its’ oil supply in fear of oil prices dropping, the supply is going to overtake demand, causing oil prices to fall. However, if Russia seeks to continually sell at the same pace, the oil demand may fall due to renewable energy and Russia may never be able to sell all of its’ oil. Thus, Russia’s GDP for exports will drop significantly.

Why Does This Matter?

Suppose the U.S government invested into clean energy just like it did with silicon valley back in the 1950’s, the U.S will remain a dominant force in the market and be able to support democracy worldwide. The renewable energy sector shouldn’t be politicized as both parties would want the U.S to be in a position of power. However, short sighted economic returns and lobbyists from legacy companies have stifled this movement.

As non governmental figures, it’s easy to say we are powerless. However, we can vote with our money. Companies promoting clean energy are in the market and public, such as Tesla, Desktop Metals, MP materials. Use your money and invest in the future you want to see.



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